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This membership is for individual prosecutors (verification required upon sign-up). This membership type will receive full access to our membership resource library. If you are not a prosecutor, you may still qualify for the allied professional membership.

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This membership is for individual allied professionals, such as victim witness advocates,  investigators, paralegals, executive directors, medical professionals, training coordinators, judges, law enforcement, prosecution-aligned nonprofit organizations, and so on. Registration to become a user is subject to a verification process. This membership type will receive limited access to our membership website.

If you have further questions about whether or not you qualify, or about what resources you may access as an Allied Professional, please contact [email protected].

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Between 101-250 members: $1500/year

Above 251: $2000/year

This membership is for a prosecutor's (or allied professional's) office. This membership type will receive full access to our resource library

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This membership is for law students only and will receive limited access to our resource library. Verification of law student status is required. If you have questions about this type of membership, please reach out to [email protected].

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